The Brew Kettle Winter Warmer

The Brew Kettle Winter Warmer

Surprising as it might be, some of the best Winter Warmers you’ll find are from Northeast Ohio with Great Lakes Christmas Ale and Thirsty Dog 12 Dogs of Christmas. How does The Brew Kettle Winter Warmer stack up?

Color is on the darker side of amber. Aroma is more citrus and less spice than I anticipated. The taste leans on the citrus side, too. Lots of orange and even some lemon peel. Spices are noticeable in the background with cinnamon and fresh ginger. In this, the warmth comes not from the spices, but from the 8% ABV. The booze in this one will sneak up on you!

Haven’t had a Winter Warmer quite like this. Definitely citrus dominant rather than spice dominant, but it’s rather tasty.

Grade: B

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