The Brew Kettle One Eyed Jack Robust Porter

The Brew Kettle One Eyed Jack

The Brew Kettle One Eyed Jack

It may not get the recognition as some of the other breweries in the area, such as Great Lakes and Thirsty Dog, but The Brew Kettle also makes some might fine beers in Northeast Ohio. Here is their porter, One Eyed Jack.

Color is nice. Almost no head. Very chocolatey aroma. Smooth and surprisingly light on the tongue. It’s got all the flavors you want in a porter. Bitter coffee, loads of chocolate, light smoke, some oak and vanilla.

The first couple sips didn’t do a lot for me, but now that it’s warmer, all the flavors are coming out more. Definitely give this some time to come up to temp. It’ll make a difference.

This is very good, but it’s a step below the elite porters I’ve had. But I couldn’t tell you what’s missing. Certainly not a disappointment.

Grade: B


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