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Rogue Beard Beer

Rogue Beard BeerI can virtually guarantee you won’t have another beer like Rogue Beard Beer. Sure it’s got the ubiquitous water, hops, and barley, but the yeast is something very special. It’s been cultivated from the brewmaster’s beard. Fascinating.

Visually, it looks like a standard pale ale. Hazy, tinge of orange, nice head. Aroma is fruity. Not a ton of presence from the hops or malt, which is expected. Back off on those to make the star of this beer, the yeast, shine through. And actually, it doesn’t taste as funky as expected. Slightly sour finish. You could easily pass this off as a Belgian Pale Ale.

Maybe famous because of the novelty, but I think it’s pretty good.

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Great Black Swamp Brewing Bay Front Pale Ale

Great Black Swamp Bay FrontThis is the first beer I’ve had from this growing Toledo brewery, Great Black Swamp Brewing’s Bay Front Pale Ale.

Attractive in the glass with a clear copper shade and white head. Surprisingly fruity and not just from citrus hops. Sweet malt is definitely coming through. All leading to a lingering and arid finish.

Tasty, easy drinking pale ale. Looking forward to trying more from them.

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Dogfish Head American Beauty

Dogfish Head American BeautyHere’s another beer with classic rock roots, Dogfish Head American Beauty. If you couldn’t tell from the bear on the logo, this one comes from the band an fans of Grateful Dead. According to the video, the band wanted a big bold American Pale Ale. They then asked fans to submit other ingredient ideas and a story as to what that ingredient meant to them in relation to Grateful Dead. Expectedly, many were illicit. They decided to go with granola, although he doesn’t explain why.

To the beer!

Great head and really nice color. Honey, orange, and hops in the aroma. Flavor is similar, though the hops are more noticeable and there is a lingering sweetness. I know this is brewed with granola, but the nuttiness you might expect is very subtle. The orange, grape, and honey are firmly there. In fact, getting some hints of Midas Touch here.

Once again, Dogfish Head goes bold and doesn’t disappoint. Really tasty brew. Shame it’s a one-off run.

Grade: A

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Samuel Smith Organic Best Ale

Samuel Smith Organic Best Ale

Samuel Smith Organic Best Aleuel

Samuel Smith actually boast a full line of organic beers, including chocolate stout, cherry, strawberry, and apricot. This the the Best Ale.

Very clear for an ale. Aroma is mostly toasted malt and butterscotch candy. The butterscotch flavor carries through, blending with grassy hops. Very smooth. There is a hint of lemon in the finish. And that classic English hard water, as well.

Overall, I thought this was fine. Definitely not bad, but I don’t think I’ll be getting a craving for it again. Just didn’t have enough flavor for me.

Grade: C


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Left Hand Stranger Pale Ale

Left Hand Stranger

Left Hand makes a lot of tasty brews, and this is the first I have tried the Stranger Pale Ale. Light in color, the nose is full of hops and orange. But the flavor isn’t has bold as the smell would lead you to believe. There is a bit of hop bitterness and character, but also a lot of grass and rye. A dry, spicy finish.

It’s almost like a mild IPA. It’s smooth and drinkable, even if the flavors aren’t over powering. And at 5% ABV, it’s a good session beer.

I don’t think the Stranger is bad, but I’m not in love with it. Doesn’t have enough to be an IPA, but maybe a bit more than what a standard Pale Ale should have. At least it’s aptly named.

Grade: C

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Two Brothers The Bitter End

Two Brothers The Bitter End

The redolence of Two Brothers The Bitter End promises a balance of malt and hops. Thankfully, the taste complies.

The light butterscotch from the malt coats the mouth, while the hops provide the requisite kick at the back end. And as promised, there is some bitterness in the finish, too.

This isn’t the most complex brew, but it’s tasty, boasts a great balance of malt and hops with neither being overpowering, and at just a tick over 5% ABV, it’s a great session beer.

Solid, if unspectacular.

Grade: B

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