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Stone Smoked Porter with Chipotle

Stone Smoked Porter with ChipotleWhat’s not to like? Stone, porter, smoke, chipotle. I’m hoping my expectations aren’t too high with Stone Smoked Porter with Chipotle Peppers.

Visually, it’s as expected. The aroma has more chipotle than smoke. That carries to the flavor, as well. This isn’t a sneaky hit, it hits you immediately. However, it’s not overpowering. After you get through the heat, there’s smoke, char, even a bit of chocolate. Lips still tinge for a bit, too.

This is truly outstanding. Everything in the title is there, and with phenomenal balance. Love it.


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Mother’s Holy Mole

Mothers Holy MoleBeer number two from Mother’s Brewing, Holy Mole. Even though it’s not on their site at the moment, it’s described as, ”¬†inspired by the mole sauces of Mexico. Our amber ale has been aged on cocoa nibs, ancho, chipotle, pasilla peppers and cinnamon bark.”

Too dark to be an amber, but not dark enough to be a stout. I’m hoping the chiles on the label show up!

While not spicy, the flavor is similar to chipotles. Smokey and fruity. Loads of chocolate, too. Cinnamon is listed as an ingredient, but I’m not picking that up. After about half the glass, there are some hints of heat at the end.

I like it, though I would like more heat!

Grade: B

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Clown Shoes Chocolate Sombrero

Clown Shoes Chocolate SombreroIt’s only been a few months that Massachusetts based Clown Shoes has been available in Ohio, so I’m excited to try something new. with their Chocolate Sombrero, a¬†Mexican inspired stout.

Color is as you’d expect, dark brown with maybe a hint of ruby around the edges. Aroma is chocolate, vanilla, and a hint of chile. Light and smooth mouthfeel. Chocolate really comes through, followed by vanilla. There is a hint of heat, but not much. Bit of char in there, too.

I like this quite a bit. Nice texture, good flavor, good balance. Wouldn’t mind a bit more chile heat. Not a trace of heat from the 9% ABV!

Grade: B

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New Holland El Mole Ocho

New Holland El Mole OchoI have rather high expectations for New Holland El Mole Ocho. Firstly, I have high expectations from anything from new Holland. I really like the concept of this beer, as well. It’s exotic, yet still within the realm of familiar flavors.

Pours a bit lighter than expected. Rather than being a dark brown, it’s closer to a dark iced tea. Fluffy beige head that has not settled a nanometer since the pour. Intense aroma of bitter chocolate, bitter coffee, and chiles. Big, big flavor with the chiles becoming more prominent. The chiles give this a distinct fruitiness, but I am not getting the heat I expected (and wanted) considering how much flavor there is. Mix of bitter chocolate and coffee give the back end a full, round taste and feel.

El Mole Ocho is part of New Holland’s High Gravity Series, clocking in at 9.8% ABV. There is not even a hint of alcohol heat here.

Really digging on this beer. Daring flavors, velvety texture, great balance, and unique. My one complaint is that I would like more chile heat. But that’s just nitpicking.

Grade: A

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Mikkeller Chipotle Porter

Mikkeller Chipotle Porter

The elusive chile beer. It’s a style I’ve been wanting to try for years, literally, and I’m glad I finally got one with Mikkeller Chipotle Porter.

The color is spot on but there isn’t much head. A lot of roasted notes and smoke in the aroma. The flavor is like you’d expect. A velvety smooth smoked porter with chile heat at the end. It’s a late heat that really lingers. I’d put the heat on a level close to a mild jalapeno.Certainly not overpowering. And, since it’s a porter, if you search for some bittersweet chocolate, you’ll find it. The smoke comes out more as it warms.

Really pleased with my first chile beer and I want more!

Grade: A

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Left Hand Fade to Black Volume 3: Pepper Porter

Left Hand Fade to Black Volume 3 Pepper Porter

Even thought I missed out on Volume 1, last year’s Fade to Black, Baltic Porter, was outstanding. And as the chile beer is something I’ve been eager to try, I’m very excited for Left Hand Fade to Black Volume 3: Pepper Porter.

The color is perfect and the fragrance promises lots of smoked chiles. There is a lot more depth to the flavor than just chiles, though. There’s bittersweet chocolate, anise, and the smoky chiles.

There is some subtle heat, and at just a touch under 2000 Scoville units, that puts it at about the same as a poblano. It’s just enough that you know it’s got chiles in it. The heat does get a little more intense as the beer warms.

Smooth, complex, drinkable, and just enough heat to have you know this is something unique. Real chile heads won’t feel much here, but I am a fan and will be seeking out more of these!

Grade: A

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