New Holland Mad Hatter IPA

New Holland Mad Hatter

I am finally having what is considered to be one of the better Midwestern IPAs, New Holland Mad Hatter.

Pours a cloudy copper with a clingy beige foam. Pungent citrus hops attack from the aroma. However, the hops are a little more subdued (don’t read scant) in the flavor. Decidedly bready malt offers a nice counter balance. Bitter finish leading to a lingering flavor from the Centennial hops.

Smooth for an IPA with enough hops to please the hop heads.

Another cool thing New Holland does with Mad Hatter is all the different variations, like Black Hatter, White Hatter, Imperial Hatter, Oak Aged Hatter, etc. All with fantastic labels.

Very nice IPA, even if it isn’t a bruiser.

Grade: A

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