New Holland Hopivore

New Holland Hopivore

Wet hopped beers might be the most difficult style to come by. With these beers, the hops are added to the brew no more than 24 hours after harvest. So rather than using dried and concentrated hops, you can’t get fresher than wet hopped beers. It gives a more complex hops flavor without adding more bitterness. Here is New Holland’s offer, Hopivore

First off, I love the color. A clear and sparkling light ruby. Not much in the way of head, but those hops flavors are there immediately. Grapefruit, pine, then grass and herbs at the end. With enough sweet malt to balance things out. At 55 IBU, there is some kick, but not so much that you’ll pucker. And that’s the beauty of the wet hopped IPA.

I think it’s very tasty. I’ll need to find more wet hopped IPAs to compare it to, but so far, I’m a fan.

Grade: B

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