Maredsous 10

Maredsous 10

From the same brewers who bring us the delightful Duvel, the is the Maredsous 10 Tripel.  While not a Trappist brewery, this is brewed under license from the monks of the Maredsous monastery in Denée, Belgium.

Pours on the orange side of gold, lighter than most tripels. Fluffy and frothy white head. Belgian yeast is evident in the aroma along with rich and complex malt. Starts with a hint of sourness counteracted by sweet malt. Fruity and floral.

What’s the 10? Why, the ABV, of course. But you’d never guess that.

It’s very unique, especially compared to other Tripels such as Westmalle and Chimay. Tough to describe this one other than to say it’s unique and delicious

Grade: A

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