Hoppin’ Frog Cafe Silk Porter

Hoppin' Frog Cafe Silk Porter

Hoppin’ Frog Cafe Silk Porter

I enjoyed Hoppin’ Frog’s Silk Porter quite a bit, even if I did find it a bit on the harsher and not silkier on the end of the porter spectrum, so I’m curious how the addition of more coffee will influence the flavor with Cafe Silk Porter.

From the first smell, the extra coffee is evident. In fact, that’s all I smell. Thankfully, there is enough going on in the flavor, including chocolate and toffee, to balance things out. The texture is quite smooth and creamy. Finishes dry and slightly bitter. I am surprised how much the other flavors come through considering how strong the coffee aroma is.

I actually like this better than the regular Silk Porter. The texture is smoother and the coffee flavor is wonderful.

Grade: A

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