Founders Breakfast Stout

Wow wow wow. A stunning beer, Founders Breakfast Stout. Pours black and thick. The second I opened it, I was bombarded by the smell of coffee. And not that cheap, free stuff at work. Real strong, bitter, delicious coffee. That’s exactly what it tasted like, with a finish of bittersweet chocolate and toasted oatmeal. It’s thick, creamy, and quite bitter. It reads more like a coffee with alcohol than it does a beer, but that’s fine by me. By the way, why aren’t there more coffee-with-alcohol drinks? And at 8.3% ABV, a few of these will put you where you want to be!

If you don’t like coffee, don’t even try it. Please save it for someone who will truly appreciate it. Delicious.

Grade: A+

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