3 Floyds Arctic Panzer Wolf

3 Floyds Arctic Panzer Wolf

The Arctic Panzer Wolf displayed on the label is equally terrifying and awesome. But if I saw one of those in the wild, I might soil myself.

And here’s the thing with beers with names and images like this; they’ve gotta back it up. Pours a hazy gold and the aroma is powerfully packed with piney hops. It is, indeed, powerful. I think I have some goosebumps. I even let out an audible “whoa”. That’s what 100IBUs will do to you. Loads of oily pine hops with more citrus late. Extremely bitter and dry. No attempt to hide the 9% ABV, either.Spicy hops become more noticeable as it warms.

This is one of those brews with no middle ground. You’ll either hate it or love it. Those who love bashing, punishing, over-the-top-hopped-brews won’t be able to get enough.

Grade: B


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