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Coors Light Party Train Crashes

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Beer Flavor Jelly Belly

Worth a shot if Jelly Belly wants to send me a sample!

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Mother’s Holy Mole

Mothers Holy MoleBeer number two from Mother’s Brewing, Holy Mole. Even though it’s not on their site at the moment, it’s described as, ” inspired by the mole sauces of Mexico. Our amber ale has been aged on cocoa nibs, ancho, chipotle, pasilla peppers and cinnamon bark.”

Too dark to be an amber, but not dark enough to be a stout. I’m hoping the chiles on the label show up!

While not spicy, the flavor is similar to chipotles. Smokey and fruity. Loads of chocolate, too. Cinnamon is listed as an ingredient, but I’m not picking that up. After about half the glass, there are some hints of heat at the end.

I like it, though I would like more heat!

Grade: B

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Marshall Brewing McNellie’s Pub Ale

Marshall McNellies Pub AleI initially bought this beer solely for the name, McNellie’s is close enough to McNeal! This is the first I’ve had (or heard of) from Marshall Brewing in Tulsa, OK.

Described as a “pub ale”, it probably falls under the bitter category. Even brewed with authentic English yeast.

Color is a cloudy light orange. Aroma is a bit like sweet biscuits. It is bitter, but not quite to IPA levels. Hints of hard water, toasted malt, maybe a little orange, too. This is the kind of beer you want to come home to every night. And at only 5% ABV, you can. Quite nice.

Grade: B

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DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus!

Duclaw Sweet Baby JesusAnother Christmas gift beer here, DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus! It’s a chocolate peanut butter porter. Even feet away from my nose, it smells like a Reese’s Cup! I believe it was originally a winter seasonal, but due to its popularity, it was promoted to year-round.

The flavor truly is just like a peanut butter cup, only made with dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. No sweetness here at all. Hops do kick in at the end and provide a bitter finish, but the majority of the flavor is chocolate and peanut butter. Sneaky alcohol at 6.5%

You may not think that a chocolate peanut butter beer would work, but wow it does!

Grade: A

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Schlafly Oatmeal Stout

Schlafly Oatmeal StoutSOn a night that winter has returned to Ohio, an oatmeal stout sounds quite inviting. If I’m not mistaken (it’s happened before), this is my first beer from Schlafly.

A bit more aggressive and not quite as smooth as most other oatmeal stouts. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, just unexpected. More chocolate flavors than expected, too. Some roasted oatmeal before the hops kick in.

Different from most oatmeal stouts with are kind of smooth and mellow, this one has some attitude.

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Mother’s Lil’ Helper

Mothers Lil HelperThis is my first beer from Mother’s, and I’m already a big fan, even before opening it. Not only does it share the name of a great Stones song, the label offers food pairings, and the description of “Midwest Coast IPA” is a fun little jab.

Pours clear and light orange. Aroma lets you know it’s definitely an IPA. Balance is the key here. Starts a little sweet. The hops are noticeable, but not overpowering (for an IPA). A mix of citra, cascade, centennial, chinook, summit, & simcoe hops. Finish is long, dry, and bitter.

Very well rounded IPA. Listed at 7% ABV and 70 IBU, so I’m wondering if my bottle is a little old. Regardless, it’s quite nice.

Grade: B

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