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Ohio Breweries at Great American Beer Fest

Here’s a look at how Ohio will be represented at the Great American Beer Fest.

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Rivertown Brewing Roebling Porter

Rivertown RoeblingI’ve been thinking, you could put nearly any porter or stout in a glass and they’d be indistinguishable, except maybe for the head. But if you can tell a beer just by its head, then you are quite a bigger beer nerd than I!

Anyway, I digress. Here is Rivertown Brewery’s Roebling Porter. Pours like every other porter. Roasted malt, smoke, coffee, and chocolate in the aroma. Carbonation gives a bit of bite, Flavor isn’t quite as big as the aroma sets up, but it’s well balanced and has a wonderful finish. Charred oak lasts forever.

Nice, but not amazing


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Maumee Bay Total Eclipse

Maumee Bay Total Eclipse

Maumee Bay Total Eclipse

I’ve decided to go big for my first beer from Maumee Bay Brewing Company with their Total Eclipse Breakfast Stout.

Black as night with a creamy beige head. As it should, coffee dominates the aroma. Quite a bit of chocolate, as well. Whoa…one sip in and I am hooked. Texture as smooth as silk with just the right amount of coffee. It’s there, but the chocolate, oats, and even vanilla come through. Hops add a pungent, welcome bitterness at the end. The 9.1% ABV is both surprising and sneaky. Only noticable as a pleasing warmth.

Wow is this good!

Grade: A

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Beer Gods and Goddesses

Fascinating info here from Brookston Beer Bulletin with an exhaustive list of beer and brewing gods, goddess, and feast/celebration days.  Can’t imagine how long it took to put this together, but cheers to them for completing it. Very cool!

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